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One Stop Film Friendly Locations

For the Producer:

It is free to peruse the 100’s of commercial and residential locations.

You may email us specific requirements or “your wish list” and Pacific Location Search will send you appropriate links to consider.

It is strongly recommend scouting the preferred location/s before booking.

The location agreement, insurance certificate and payment must be received at least one day before the shoot.

The production company is responsible for acquiring all necessary permits, neighborhood notification and all associated costs. Pacific Location Search will acquire proper permits, for an addition fee.


Rates and availability for each property are dictated by the impact of the shoot.

Along with your property ID selects, let us know the following details:

  • Type of shoot: Film, Video, Still

  • Interior and/or exterior shoot

  • Production crew size

  • Production prep/wrap day

  • Shoot date(s) and times

  • Production equipment required

  • Production and crew vehicles

  • End use: Commercial, TV Series, Infomercial, Catalog, etc.

Note: Shoot production insurance naming property owner as additionally insured is required.

4. CALL us with your request or email us via form below.

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"I have worked with Liz Ervin, owner of Pacific Location Search, for many years. She has scouted and managed many of my locations. If I am ever in need for a good location scout or service, anywhere (...)"

Cat Sautter-- Independent Agency Broadcast & New Media Producer