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Everyone knows that big-budget films and TV programs are shot at Hollywood studios. Or are they?

While a large percentage of entertainment is filmed on soundstages in Culver City, Hollywood, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, the images you see on movie and television screens don’t all come from studio lots.

From natural landscapes to historical landmarks, from public spaces to private homes, the entertainment industry is always looking for unique locations.

The California Film Commission has prepared a very informative document that describes what it is like, for a property owner, to have your property involved in a movie production. Courtesy of California Film Commission Director Amy Lemisch and Location Specialist Lisa Mosher.

In addition to all of this information, sample forms used to contract for location filming are included:

  • Location Worksheet
  • Film Monitor Checklist
  • Sample Location Contract
  • General Provisions to Location Contract
  • Sample Insurance Form (General Liability Special Endorsement)
  • CFC’s Filmmakers’ Code of Professional Responsibility
  • CFC’s Community ‘Good Neighbor’ Code of Conduct
Download this file (YourPropertyInAStarringRole.pdf)Your Property in a Starring Role[ ]413 kB
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